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A holistic perspective of wellness

Leveraging insights in physical wellness and guest experience, we innovatively reimagined the in-hotel fitness journey. This project introduced a diverse range of engaging and secure exercise alternatives, designed to elevate the holistic wellbeing of our guests while ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

Sustainably transforming our city

In alignment with the client's strategic shift towards a more Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)-centered approach, this dedicated section of the website is designed to highlight and promote the client's commitment to sustainability. Its objective is to bring to the forefront the various initiatives and projects undertaken by the client to bolster their sustainability credentials, thereby reinforcing their commitment to ESG principles in the public eye.

The reading experience for our citizens

This project was engineered with the primary intent of providing readers with a flawless and immersive digital reading journey. We strived to deliver a cohesive, uninterrupted, and emotionally engaging reading environment that minimizes distractions. Our principal emphasis was on enhancing the content and context of the reading material, while simultaneously ensuring a visually pleasing and interactive user experience.

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