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Content writer, PM, FE and BE developers, and corporate brand manager

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In alignment with the client's strategic shift towards a more Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)-centered approach, this dedicated section of the website is designed to highlight and promote the client's commitment to sustainability. Its objective is to bring to the forefront the various initiatives and projects undertaken by the client to bolster their sustainability credentials, thereby reinforcing their commitment to ESG principles in the public eye.

My responsibilities include ...

Information architecture

High-fidelity mock-ups

Content management

Website maintenance


Content restructure

In this website section redesign, we went through all of the pages on the website during a content audit. We reviewed every page that is live on our client’s site and examine its content. During this phase of the content audit, we primarily looked for and made notes on the site’s organization, as well as mapped out the relationships between each page’s content.

This aspect of a content audit is vital to develop a streamlined user journey via creating a sitemap.

New information architecture

Working with our client’s ESG strategies, understanding that the core of its sustainability value was built around People, Prosperity, and Planet. Hence resurfacing the projects from its existing media centre, and creating new user journeys alongside the new sustainability section was the main thinking while drafting the new layouts.

New Navigation

Once a website’s hierarchy is established, the next step is to implement it in design. The navigation structure should offer a natural flow of information, in this project we selected a proper navigational element for each type of content - updating the primary navigation with new interactions. This navigation contains global navigation options and enables users to get to the main sections of a website from every location.


Content that brings the pages alive

After completing the structure and skeleton levels, implementing the right modules with the content brings the final pages together within this new sustainability section.


Moving from the strategic level to production, took a whole team of talents. Working with the client's side to manage changes and stakeholders on all levels while developing each part and bits of the project over the course of four months. Resulting in a whole new section of ten pages with a brand new interactive global navigation.

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