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The Peninsula Hotels


Visual designer, PM, FE and BE developers, and client’s IT team

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Leveraging insights in physical wellness and guest experience, we innovatively reimagined the in-hotel fitness journey. This project introduced a diverse range of engaging and secure exercise alternatives, designed to elevate the holistic wellbeing of our guests while ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

My responsibilities include ...


High-fidelity mock-ups

Interactive prototypes

Interaction design

Content management

Usability testing


User flow

At first, displaying content with a pop-up player appearing to be an easy and quick way for user to start exercising. However, considering from a wholistic view, the Wellness portal aims to provide the guests with personal in-room service. Hence it affects design of the screen flows.

Screen flows

Designing the screens and page layouts that ensure each part of the user requirements are included.

Designing at the components level

After designing key functional components and how they interact with each other.

Card design

The content listing page uses card-based layouts to represent each exercise in a similar way so that the user could quickly scan, compare and pick something to read or watch.

Content design

Making sure all the information on the details page is given its rightful hierarchy.

Interaction design

Collaborating with its fitness partner, re-theming and re-designing the gadget that helps users exercise.


Responsive design

Adapting to the most commonly used devices: laptop, tablet and mobile.


This was one of the most active projects I have worked on to date in terms of technical iteration taking place regularly over the course of a half-year after the initial launch. We closely collaborated with the Peninsula IT team to learn what was working well and identify opportunities from management feedback. This led to iterating on the home page design over 4 times in 8 months, resulting in considerable improvements in user stratification along the way.

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